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ArrayMasterEA MT5

A simple scalping EA (ArrayMasterEA adjusted for МetaТrader 5) that trades on rapid changes of a pair's prices and does not use any indicators.

Optimized for EURUSD.

It is quite resistant to forward tests, also on pairs other than "EURUSD".

Timeframe does not matter.

A lite version of teh Expert Advisor is available here.

The Main EA Parameters

  • _FreeMarg—minimum free margin for trading;
  • TakeProfit;
  • StopLoss;
  • PipStep—minimum level of pips (if the price has moved by more than PipStep, a position will be opened);
  • PipOut—maximum level of pips (if the price has moved by more than PipOut, the EA will not open a position);
  • MaxOrders—lot multiplier for increasing the position amount;
  • TStop—teh trailing stop value;
  • TrailingStep—the step if the trailing stop;
  • TimeWait—the time between the previous tick and order placing;
  • MagicNumber—Magic number of the placed orders;
  • _size—the size of the array, in which the prices of teh previous ticks are stored (used to calculate the median price: if the median is above the current price, trade only short; if below it, trade long);
  • UseRisk—if true, risk is calculated as a percent of deposit; if false, lot 0.01 is used;
  • DecreaseFactor—decrease deposit load after losing deals;
  • RiskPercent—percent of equity for opening new positions;
  • multiple—a multiplier for the _Point value;
  • s_minLot—the minimum lot for a selected broker and symbol;
  • s_maxLot—maximum lot;
  • s_stepLot—lot step;
  • maxspread—maximum spread;
  • TimeM—trading start time for the Expert Advisor;
  • TimeE—trading end time for the Expert Advisor.
Jitendra Bodmann
2017.03.01 20:13 

Tested on live, it does not bring any profits. Performance on backtest is fake and will not occur on real... I recommend not using it.

Giovanni Pascoli
2017.01.18 15:56 

Not profitable EA

18/01/2017 new version available. I start today on my account. Good support

2016.02.11 00:53 

Backtest is not the same as real performance.

Version 7.0 - 2015.01.29
Optimized the inputs.
Added new input parameters of closing trades by time:
_timeclose - true or false (close/do not close a trade).
_timesecClose - integer value (time in seconds for closing a trade).
Added new algorithms for managing virtual trades by percentage from profitable trades in trade history:
v_checktime - input parameter for virtual trades (double may have the values from 0 to 1).
Optimized the lot calculation function to open a trade.