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Holy Trinity Risk Control

Holy Trinity Risk Control

This EA makes use of three indicators:

  1. Holy Trinity Volatility Indicator
  2. Holy Trinity Peaker Indicator
  3. Holy Trinity Pluss Indicator

In this EA, there are two modes made available to the trader:

  • Aden John Fx Buy and Sell Entry mode - this is the mode based on Aden John's trading strategy which works with the aforementioned indicators. As would be seen in the settings, this mode can either be turned off or on.
  • My Own Buy and Sell Entry mode - this mode is for whatever trading strategy the manual trader wishes to use for his own trading activities. That means that, after a trader has performed his own trading analysis and decided to buy or sell, all the trader needs to do is to turn this mode on and then off again.

In either of the two available trading modes, the trader has the opportunity to implement our 'Risk Control' risk management techniques. As such, the trader cannot lose more than he has already bargained to lose.


The automated trading partner has been rigorously tested, and so the settings used therein (as discussed below) should be greatly appreciated.

  • Take Profit – 30 pips

This is the desired predefined exit (the value of profit you intend to make from a single trade).

  • Choose Your Lot – 0.01

This is the lot size volume you intend to use in any given trade. The combination of your take profit and your lot size would give you a corresponding numerical profit value. So, a 30 pips take profit may translate into just about any value. Depending on the chosen lot size, 30 pips could mean - 30 cents, 3 dollars, 30 dollars, 300 dollars, 3 000 dollars etc.

  • Use Fractional Lot – True

If the trader decides not to choose a specific lot size, then this option should be set to True. This way the lot size would be determined based on the following conditions below.

  • No Of Robots Trading In Account – 1

This is a fund management scheme, in which the number of automated trading systems trading in the particular account must be known. This number plays a crucial role in determining the final lot size that would be calculated in any given trade.

  • No Of Financial Instruments – 1

This value is much so critical in that the total number of currency pairs wished to be traded and given to be managed by this automated trading system must be known. If the trading partner robot is to trade more than one currency pair, then it must be so indicated herein so the computation can be made.

  • Risk Fund In Percent Account Balance – 10.0%

This is it! Here, the trader must specify the percentage of his investment funds that he is willing to risk in any given trade. With the number of trading robots pre-specified to be 1 as well as the number of financial instruments pre-specified to be 1, a 10% value means that in any particular trade, the maximum amount of your investment capital, of which you are willing to lose, will just be 10%. Therefore, the lot size is determined based on the price level within a given trade range. This means in every trade, the trader never loses more than 10% of his investment per time.

With the number of trading robots pre-specified to be greater than 1 and the number of financial instruments also pre-specified to be anything greater than 1, then the automated trading partner would calculate the lot size to be used based on the given input. Thus, irrespective of the number of financial instruments been traded, the total amount of the trader’s investment capital staked in all the trades that may ever be taken would never be more than the chosen percentage risk fund.

  • Upper Percentile – 90.0%

This is the maximum upper range, above which no trade would ever be placed. The trading partner does not open any buy or sell trade above this level. This is to avoid extreme end trades with a high trading risk.

  • Lower Percentile – 10.0%

This is the minimum lower range, below which no trade would ever be placed. The trading partner does not open any buy or sell trade below this level. This is to avoid extreme end trades with a high trading risk.

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Version 7.78 - 2014.12.24
Introducing new variable - Lot Factor.

This Factor determines the accurate auto-calculation of the Lot-Size which should be equivalent to the chosen Risk Fund.

Therefore In Testing Mode, due to differences unique to respective Brokers and their customized trading platforms, this value must be determine.

Usually, depending on broker; this value is either 1, 10 or 100.