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Adaptive Channel MTF

Adaptive Channel MTF indicator is a channel based on the moving average.

Six Moving Averages

One of the following moving averages can be used as a base one:

  • SMA
  • EMA
  • LWMA
  • SMMA
  • DEMA
  • TEMA
  • AMA
  • VIDYA 

The channel width can be determined in the following ways:

  • Using ATR (Average True Range) data;
  • Using (Standard Deviation) data;
  • Using a predefined value (in points)

Multi-timeframe Indicator

This is a multi-timeframe indicator. If the Timeframe parameter is set to Current, the current timeframe will be used. Otherwise a certain period should be specified.

Signals on the Channel Breakthrough

A possibility to display the signals on the channel breakthrough is implemented in the indicator. Down arrow is drawn if:

  • The open price is above the upper line of the channel;
  • The close price is below the lower line of the channel.

There are two variants of the signal:

  • When the price goes inside the channel from the upper or the lower line.
  • When the price goes in the direction of the base moving average. From the medium line to the channel border. 

The signals are produced at closed bars only.

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