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This is a semi-scalping Expert Advisor. All tests displayed on the screenshots have been passed with the default setting for EURUSD on the ECN account.

Only M1 and ticks should be used when checking the product in the tester. The time interval of one month (2014.07.17-2014.08.17) was used for optimization. After that, the EA was also checked on the previous month, from the start of the year and from 2010.01.01 (for reliability control). The EA has passed all the tests! After that, the test on the future month (2014.08.17-2014.09.17) has been passed perfectly. The drawdown comprised 2.09%.

The special progressive function is used for optimization. It can be applied by activating Custom mode. If the risk value is not changed, the EA opens from 1 to 10 orders (0.01 lot each) for the total amount of $1 000. The maximum volume is 0.1 (possible to work with $100). All trades are protected by a mandatory stop loss. Take profit is provided as well. It can be disabled if necessary. Short trailing is used if the price moves in favorable direction. There is also the function for closing positions when the entry signal is changed.

Use the trading robot on multiple currency pairs to raise its efficiency. You do not have to decrease the risk value thanks to the coverage effect (kind of position locking). Mathematically, the EA's efficiency is greatly increased (multiplied), while drawdowns are only slightly higher (averaged). The optimization settings are displayed on the screenshot. The settings for working with EURUSD are set by default. The test has been conducted on the ECN account.

The tests for the long time period are displayed not in order to show profits but in order to demonstrate reliability, since the EA may hold on history for 5 years while being optimized only on 1 month. The immediate forecast has very good results (see the screenshots)! The EA works fine without increasing the lot. However, it is possible to increase the lot exponentially. For example, when we have the exponent of 2 (the default value is 1, which means absence), we receive exponentially increased results (see the screenshot). Select the working currency pairs considering the minimum commissions or spreads. For example (check out your broker's website for more accurate data):

  • EURUSD - 0.99
  • USDJPY - 1.47
  • GBPUSD - 1.53
  • EURGBP - 1.67
  • EURJPY - 1.80
  • USDCHF - 1.87
  • AUDUSD - 1.90
  • CADCHF - 3.80
  • GBPJPY - 3.43
  • EURAUD - 4.30
  • GBPAUD - 4.60
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Version 2.21 - 2014.11.17
Reduced RAM requirements.