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Holy Trinity Force

Holy Trinity Force

This is a Price Force-Impulse indicator which is best viewed on H1 timeframe. This indicator does not tell the trader whether to go in a buy direction or in a sell direction; rather, it plays a significant role as it presents a view of the market's force.

It reveals its analysis in a single direction that is the upward direction. So:

  • If the indicator's Main Vertical Line rises above its corresponding Signal Line, then that means there is a substantial force been generated by the market's price action. Consequently, that means that the markets are headed in a particular direction, and so the trader can scout for a most reliable buy or sell entry.

  • Obviously, while this indicator's Main Vertical Lines are still below the Signal Line, whether price is moving or not, the indicator is only telling us that there is not enough reliable force to back up the current price action. So, the trader is only entering the market at a higher risk level.

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 18:19 

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