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Marksman Trader Scalper

This Expert Advisor is programmed to be effective only on EURUSD M5. The EA uses exclusively chart information (no indicators are used). The EA is using somewhat scalping method: 10 pips SL, 10 pips TP (the SL and TP can be changed, but it is not recommended). The lot is calculated by a divider and is set by default to 2 000. The divider is working by dividing the account balance with the set number. Example: an account balance is equal to 1 000 USD, while a divider is equal to 2 000, so the lot size will be 1 000/2 000=0.5. I advise everyone to test the EA before buying it.

This EA is tested on a five-digit broker.

Good luck and profitable trades to everyone!

gunal sen
2015.08.28 08:28 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Wassim Rustom
2015.07.25 19:11 

back test is perfect but real test is loss, stay away from this EA

azad ahmad yasir
2015.07.15 11:10   

back test are very good but working every trad in loss

Version 1.21 - 2014.12.22
The reason for this update is for repairing a bug in the EA. One of my buyers said that the tester is showing some errors and this update is the repair.
Version 1.20 - 2014.12.12
Stop modifications and a higher SL to evade early stopout from the trade.

New options:
- check stop loss - for setting the maximal SL level.
- modify stops - there is an option NewStopLoss- is for setting the new SL. Example: if the SL opened by the EA is higher than the set value in check stop loss, then its gonna be modified to the set value in NewStoppLoss.

The trailing stop option was deleted.
Version 1.10 - 2014.11.25
This upgrade helps eliminate the SL and TP unwanted modification. On my real account, I have noticed that the SL and TP in most of the times are not on the same settings as set for the EA. It was not seen on the strategy tester, so I did not know it.

New settings in EA:

For Buy and Sells:

- VolumeUppreLimit - set the maximum lot.

Trailing stop (each trade) - a trailing stop can be added:

- inp1_tStopPips - set the trailing distance
- inp1_tStepPips - set the trailing step

Check take-profit - if after the opening of the position the TP is lower than the set number, this will change the TP:

- inp8_PipSize - set the TP.

Modify stops - if the TP is lower than the one set on Check take-profit, the TP will be changed to the set value:

- inp9_NewTakeProfit - set the TP.

Note: For changing the TP, both the numbers on inp8_PipSize and inp9_NewTakeptofit must be changed to the same desired value.