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Simple Trailing Stop

Simple Trailing Stop is a simple Expert Adviser designed to manage a very tight trailing stop but still visible by broker. "Very tight trailing stop" still can't lower then brokerage minimum stop level so this tool will adjust by auto the trailing stop pips value greater than minimum stoplevel set by broker. Seems useless but this tool can reduce your time to think and place manual trailing stop provided by MT4 platform and probably have better result than standard trailing stop because can work at all orders that opened in current chart symbol in a time with tightest trailingstop ever. This will be help for most scalper to collect small pips profit while opening big lot is a must.


  • Start Trail Pips—On how many pips Stop Loss will be start to trailed.
  • Trail Stop Pips—How many pips Stop Loss will be placed after Start Trail Pips reached.
Matthias Goehringer
2015.04.15 21:04 

good tool, simple and useful. very kind seller

Version 3.0 - 2015.04.15
Fixed bug on CFD