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Expert SHI Itrend LaGuerre Juice

This Expert is exploiting a strategy on the M15 timeframe. The concept of the strategy is in using the SHI channel for determining the direction for opening a position. When the channel is an upward one, it is advisable to buy and a downward channel prompts selling. At the same time a position gets open at the correspondent limit of the channel.

In addition, the following indicator signals are being used:

  • I_trend Indicator. If the red line crosses the green one when going upwards, a short position should be opened. If the green line is going downwards and crosses the red one, then it is a signal for a long position.
  • La Guerre Indicator. If the line of this indicator is below the point of 0.75, then the trader should sell and if the line is above 0.15 then they should buy.
  • Juice Indicator. Indicates volatility on the market. If the line of this indicator is red, then opening of a new position should be avoided.
  • PSAR Indicator. Determines the direction of the trend.

Input Parameters

  • TimeFrameSHI—The timeframe, where the signals of the strategy are being formed;
  • TimeFrameFilterPSAR—The timeframe, where the trend direction is identified with the PSAR indicator;
  • StopLoss—Stop Loss of the orders;
  • Profit—Take Profit of the orders;
  • deltaSHI—Distance from the limit of the SHI channel for opening of a position;
  • EnableITrend—Enabling signals of the I_trend indicator;
  • EnableLaGuerre—Enabling signals of the La Guerre indicator;
  • EnableJuice—Enabling signals of the Juice indicator;
  • EnablePSAR—Enabling signals of the PSAR indicator;
  • Trailing—If true, trading on Trailing Stop gets enabled. The step of Trailing Stop is regulated by the TrailingStop parameter;
  • TrailingStop—Step of Trailing Stop.
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Version 2.0 - 2014.10.22
Default parameters are optimized for EURUSD.