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This is a fully automated swing trading robot. Works on all Instruments, H4 timeframe. On backtest shows profits on more than 10 years of history without optimization (EURUSD). And as a working timeframe is 4 hours and trades last a few days it's far more scalable to live accounts than scalping robots you may see somewhere for sale.

Input Parameters

  • SLDist—fixed stop loss distance.
  • use_money_management—if true 1% of account balance will be risked per each trade (Be PRO).
  • fixed_lotsize—lot size to be used if use_money_management is set to false.
  • Universal_comment and magic_number—two parameters by which orders are identified and double-checked.
  • Trailing_Stop—trailing stop value for orders.
  • reentry_wait—if true, profitability increases as the robot will wait for next signal to reenter instead of just reentering on previous one.
Ahmet Minaz
2016.06.11 16:25 

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Version 2.50 - 2014.10.27
Added Take Profit
Added breakEven
Added signal filtering