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Swing2 is based on the original Swing system. It is modified to be simpler and safer than Swing with only 2 inputs to optimize and only 420 passes total. I've created this as a separate EA instead of as an upgraded version because these versions are so different that I want regular Swing customers to be able to continue using the original model if they wish so. Below the screenshots, make sure you watch the YouTube video showing nice tests on all 28 symbols formed from 8 major currencies!


  • Lot_Per_1000: Swing2 trades this many lots for every 1000 account balance. As examples: I recommend trading ten to twenty symbols with Lot_Per_1000 = 0.01, six to nine symbols at 0.02, four or five symbols at 0.03, two or three symbols at 0.05, and one or two symbols at 0.1.
  • B-Factor: The minimum distance in pips between trades. Start, Step, Stop = 10, 10, 200.
  • Flux: The auto-adaptive mechanism Swing is well known for. Start, Step, Stop = 0, 10, 200.

The most important fact about Swing2 is that it no longer allows adding volume to any open position which makes the system exponentially safer during strong trends than the original Swing.

Full 3D graphs, optimizations, example equity/balance graphs and those example's .set files, tested from 2013.01.01 to 2014.09.01 are available in the comment section. You should select symbols for trading based around how much of the 3D graph is above the $10,000 plane and select settings close to the center of those green islands.

Swing2's only indicator is price and the entries of its previous trades and markers. Since trading only occurs at a one minute bar open you can optimize extremely fast using M1 "open prices only" and get the same results as the longer tests. The timeframe is completely irrelevant with Swing2

Anyone who buys Swing2 can have all my trading software past, present and future just by asking!

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