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Grace and Outrage 2

Grace and Outrage 2, or "GO2", is a simplified and safer version of the original Grace and Outrage. The previous version had no limit for the volume added to any position while this version trades only once in any direction and should therefore be much safer than the previous version. Accepting losses instead of trying to add to the position to recover losses really does seem to work better with this system to minimize the risk of an account wipe-out.

I have supplied three-dimensional analysis and an example balance and equity graph for each of the 28 symbols formed from the currencies EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, USD, CAD, CHF and JPY in a YouTube video you can watch below. In the Comments section, I attached the full optimization records, pictures from this video, as well as the .SET files used for each of the example tests. You should develop your own filters to use on the XML optimization data files using Excel or something like it to find settings matching multiple criteria you may have and create the .SET files that test well on your broker's server.

Optimizing GO2 completely only requires 360 passes with 2 EAs, 5 Timeframes, 6 fP values and 6 fR values which makes optimizing this Expert extremely fast! The robot's analyzed timeframe is selected from the inputs, it does not matter what the timeframe of the chart is. Like the original, GO2 only considers trading at the start of a new one-minute bar. This means that the strategy tester's timeframe and test mode can be set to test on one-minute bars and "open prices only" with almost zero loss of testing accuracy.


  1. Lot_Per_1000: The system will trade this many lots for every 1 000 of account balance.
  2. EA: Select Grace or Outrage as the trading system. Outrage's only technical indicator is the Average True Range while Grace adds Relative Strength Index.
  3. Timeframe: I have narrowed this version down to five timeframes: M15, M30, H1, H4 and Daily to make testing faster which helps when comparing results to the MT4 version.
  4. fP: A Fibonacci index for the period instead of a linear periods to test. Since the testing differences between P=5 and P=10 vary so much more than, for example, P=50 and P=55, I decided linear testing of these inputs was a waste of time and credits. I also want to discourage over-optimizing a trading system and there are more than enough great settings tested on the 28 symbols.
  5. fR: R is a factor used in the conditions for trading and fR is also a Fibonacci index for the R values in the trading robot.

Check out the video below to gain an intuitive sense of how Grace and Outrage 2 might trade for you across the Markets.

Anyone who buys this trading system can have all of my trading software past, present and future for free just by asking!

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