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This indicator enhances the zoom capabilities of your MT4. It operates in three modes:

1) Setting Price and Zoom Levels for a timeframe

You can set price and zoom levels for each timeframe by selecting the first mode of Zoomer in the properties of the indicator. Then on the chart, set the price levels by dragging the price scale area and the zoom level using the buttons 'Zoom In' or 'Zoom Out'. Then just click on the picture of the open lock. Each time you get back to the timeframe where you have set zoom and price levels, Zoomer will use those settings as default ones. You can set levels for all the timeframes in any chart by running Zoomer in this mode.

To unlock a locked timeframe, just click on the icon with the closed lock.

2) Zooming in a Specific Area on the Chart

In the second Zoomer mode, you can select any part of your chart on any timeframe and zoom in. Click on the blue magnifier icon and move your mouse to the part of the chart where you want to start magnifying the area of interest. Click on it and release the mouse button, move your mouse and it will bring up a square. This square will mark off the area to be magnified. When the desired area is selected, click on it once again. The Zoomer tool will find the best zoom level for magnifying the selected area.

To return to the previous zoom just press the blue 'Undo' button.
3) Zooming a Specific Area into a Smaller Timeframe

In the third mode of Zoomer, select an area in your chart, following the procedure described in the previous mode. The Zoomer tool will show this area in the next smaller timeframe with the zoom that fits it best. You can zoom again by clicking on the red magnifier or return to the previous timeframe with its original position and zoom level by clicking the red 'Undo' button. You should keep in mind that to magnify an area, the bars have to be already loaded in the smaller timeframe. For example, if you want to zoom bars 50 to 90 in the H4 chart, you will need to have bars 400 to 720 loaded in your history (for M30 chart).

Please watch the demo tutorial video for further understanding of Zoomer.

SpeedBug 2018.10.11 14:52 

No further comment.

Pochito2014 2014.11.27 20:02 

Muy útil indicador, sobre todo yo uso la función LOCK TF LEVELS para salvar mis preferencias de pantalla para cada TF y me ahorra mucho tiempo.

Version 1.40 2017.08.21
Avoid loop when user changes a size of a chart while zooming is ongoing
Version 1.30 2017.07.27
Secures right display even when the zoom selection is inverse (from right to left)
Adds a routine to avoid errors at startup of the indicator due to slow rates generation.
Version 1.20 2014.12.02
Changed the reference for buttons to change their position when a new indicator is added to the chart.