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KLVOM TradeSim

This is a trading simulator that works in the Strategy Tester. In order to get free version please download as demo. In order to get unlock code and additional file(s) please buy and leave feedback.

With KLVOM TradeSim, you can open many market and pending orders simultaneously with predefined TP, SL, BE, TS and the lot size. The lot size for newly opened positions can be set as predefined or according to Risk % of Account Balance. First addition for this simulator is KL Tline Buy Sell Close TradeSim. This is a demo of KL TLine Buy Sell Close KLVOM indicator that can open orders or close all opened orders exactly on tops or bottoms and in this way increase efficiency of your trades.

Meaning of Labels

  • Hold pointer above any TradeSim object and read tip.
  • Buy - by moving this label up (above Lot label) you are opening a new order.
  • Sell - like above. In the setting, you will find the value “Time in seconds disallow opening next trade”. It means time is measured in “tester seconds” in the tester.
  • 50 - editing this label you change value of Take Profit.
  • 30 - editing this label you change value of Stop Loss.
  • BE: 25 - editing label 25 you change value of Break Even.
  • TS: 45 - editing label 45 you change value of Trailing Stop.
  • Lot: 1.01 - (in blue) editing label you change value of the lot. Label is in grey when inactive.
  • Risk: 0% - (in grey) editing label and setting value above “0” KLVOM TradeSim sets value of the lot size according to risk of Account Balance and predefined (above) SL value, then Risk label is in blue.
  • 1/2onBE - closing 1/2 the lot size of order at BE, to enable/disable please delete label.
  • BuyStop, BuyLimit, SellStop, SellLimit - by moving these label up you are opening new pending order. Orders are opened 15 pips above or below current price, next you need to drag this pending order to destination price level.
  • To drag any order line you need to pause Tester, select and hold line and run Tester again to move line at any place on chart to compare its level with tops, bottoms and so on. This is one inconvenience that I will try to resolve in the next release.
  • CAOO - by moving this label up you are Closing All Opened Orders on the chart.
  • Upper or Lower Stop - when you move this label up, you will see blue horizontal line that you can drag at any price level. When price hits this line, KLVOM TradeSim will pause. It is a very useful tool because manually pausing TradeSim in the point of your interest (when you want to decide what to do next) is very difficult. This function uses DLL file and cannot be uploaded to mql5.com site. To “unlock” this function, you need to download KLVOM TradeSim Breakpoint indicator from Klore-FX.eu.
  • ? - if you move question mark up, you will see useful links and current files related to KLVOM TradeSim with short description. So, keep KLVOM TradeSim up to date.

$20 price for KLVOM TradeSim - this TradeSim is absolutely free and you can download it as a demo that works in the Strategy Tester with no limitations. As Buyer you can request “unlock code”. Unlock code removes information about my other products from the chart and expands trading statistics like Profit Factor, Win/Loss ratio, Trading Date and Time, Average Time in Market and more. To get this password, you need to leave a review, because in other way I do not know who bought my product. When you have done this, then send me the number of your trading account to get the password. I recommend you MetaQuotes account due to candles history. If your feedback will be 5 or 4 stars, you also get KLVOM TradeSim Breakpoint for free.

To find out the news and updates of all my products, visit my profile https://www.mql5.com/en/users/Klore. In the product comments, I will only write answers to your questions. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to let me know. If you like my product, please leave your feedback.

Mieczyslaw Kraszewski
2015.09.04 11:24 

Many thanks for this very good tool for practiceof different trading strategies. Works very well.

Ryan Mann
2015.06.13 23:17 

Very pleased with this sim, visually it is good, works very good, and the price is very low! Support is great, helped me within 24H(even it being on weekend). I could not be more pleased, as this is going to have huge benefit to my trading in perfecting my system(s), Im very thankful to have this tool in my belt.

Version 1.10 - 2015.01.09
Added Tips. Hold the pointer above any TradeSim object and read a tip.