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Setkaf is an ordinary Grid EA with some additional features. The Expert can send push notifications of the account balance changes. Then, it can close orders by Take Profit and Stop Loss as well as by accumulating profit in the currency of the account. That means that if you enable the parameter On_Profit_On_Loss=true and set Take Profit and Stop Loss, then the Expert will be closing orders by them. If On_Profit_On_Loss=false, then EA will close all orders after the profit accumulated on all orders exceeds the set value of profit. These are absolutely different trading styles but both can bring good results if used correctly.

Another addition to this Expert is a graphic representation of information and the profit generated on the current day, the previous day and the following day. That is the profit for three days. Graphic representation can be disabled.

In addition, Setkaf is trading by Magic numbers. So, it will not work with the orders placed manually or by other Experts.

A lot can be said about this EA, however testing it free of charge will give a better idea about it. Test the Expert on a demo account for free.

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