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This is a professional robot based on i-Trender indicator. The product is designed for the analysis of trending markets. The product processes the errors correctly and works on the market efficiently. It can work with the deposit as small as $100! It is important to choose the direction of the EA operation: both sides, only buy or only sell. The signal can also be inverted. The product uses the basic concepts: breakeven, trailing, stop loss and take profit, as well as closing at the opposite signal. An important function is the correct calculation of risk. In this case, Risk works as follows: 1 means risking 1% of deposit.

Better optimize it using the Custom max mode with the progressive optimization function that can increase the potential forecast. To increase optimization speed, set only open prices and the period equal to PeriodWork. In the default parameters, operation in the specified side and closure by a signal are enabled. Trailing does not use points, but the last bar of the specified time interval (PeriodTrailingStep), (TrailingStop=0).

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