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Singularity is a multicurrency robot for automated and manual trading on Forex market. The Expert Advisor follows the grid strategy on any timeframe. It performs trades following the price without increasing the volume.


  • Lot - trade volume;
  • Step - interval between orders (0 - automatic calculation);
  • Closing_profit - profit for closing the entire grid in the deposit currency (0 - automatic calculation);
  • Email_reporting - email notifications of the EA's operation;
  • Push_notification - push notifications of the EA's operation;
  • Main_Sleep - pause of the EA's main flow in milliseconds (see additional information).

To improve the product's reliability in real trading, the functions for constant control over the terminal's main connection to the server are implemented. All trading operations are checked for execution results. In case connection is lost or a broker rejects a trade, a user is notified via E-mail and Push of the trade type and the reason it was not executed. The Expert Advisor is resistant to temporary disconnections and hardware overloads - all technical data necessary for tracking orders is saved in temporary files. When reaching the maximum number of orders allowed by the broker, the trading robot sums all trades into a single position.

How to set up Push notifications in the mobile terminal

Working Via a Mobile Device

A simple way to manage the trading robot is provided for detecting more efficient entry and exit points. The Expert Advisor does not use pending orders in its trading activity. Thus, they can be used as orders:

  • Placing BUYSTOP order anywhere on the chart serves as a signal for the Expert Advisor to set a grid centered on the current price. Volume of grid orders is equal to the one set in BUYSTOP. Since the Expert Advisor uses only market orders, the grid appears as the price moves.
  • Placing SELLSTOP order anywhere on the chart serves as a signal for the Expert Advisor to immediately close all orders.
  • Placing SELLSTOP order with the lot exceeding the minimum available one on this account twice (for example, 0.2 while the lowest possible value is 0.1) serves as a signal for the Expert Advisor to create a new grid above the existing one(s) in order to exit the drawdown faster.
  • Placing BUYLIMIT order enables autotrading mode. The volume of grid orders is equal to the volume of placed BUYLIMIT.
  • Placing SELLLIMIT order activates manual grid control via a mobile device.

If Push notifications are enabled, messages with the current operation mode are sent to a mobile device after an order is executed:

Message Description
Mobile control: false
Trading: true
Automatic mode. Trading is launched (SELLSTOP command can be executed to close the grid immediately).
Mobile control: true
Trading: true
Grid is launched and closed only upon the user's command. Trading is launched.
Mobile control: true
Trading: false
Grid is launched and closed only upon the user's command. Trading is stopped. BUYSTOP for setting the grid or BUYLIMIT for enabling autotrading are expected.
Mobile control: false
Trading: false
Automatic mode. Trading is stopped by forced closing of all orders. To continue the automated trading, send BUYSTOP or BUYLIMIT.

Also, you can receive a Push message about the Expert Advisor's current mode by placing SELLLIMIT order on the chart with the lot size two times larger than the minimum one acceptable on the account.

Additional Information

The EA is a so-called complex program with a low on-off ratio of the process allowing to have control over the terminal's main connection to the server in real time as well as instantaneous management via a mobile device without the need to wait for the next tick. Because of this algorithm's implementation features, there may be execution speed issues on older PCs. Increase Main_Sleep parameter up to 500 or more milliseconds to normalize performance.

If you have any complaints or suggestions concerning the EA's operation, please attach an account history or a journal to your messages.

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