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Trend Wizard

Precise Indicator for Determining a Trend

The indicator does not redraw its values under any circumstances. It is ideal for both novice and professional traders. The indicator identifies areas for selling and buying with a high level of accuracy which allows trading in the direction of the trend. The indicator does not require setting up, though it is equipped with a feature allowing advanced users to do so if a necessity arises. Although Trend Wizard can work on any timeframe, I recommend applying it on to M15 and higher, as Trend Wizard is primarily a trend indicator. It has shown great results for all trade symbols. You can use this indicator as a self-sustained trading system or as an addition to your trading strategy.

Advantages of the indicator

  • Unique trading algorithm.
  • High precision of determining a trend.
  • Can be used as an autonomous trading system.
  • Can work with any trade symbols.
  • Can be used on any timeframe, though I recommend M15 and higher.
  • Does not require setting up.
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