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Why EasyScalper?

Many Newbies Traders invest, with more or less success, on the Forex Market with trend-following strategies, but you must to be aware that this Market is about 80% of the time in situations of range, that make inefficient or even dangerous to use these strategies.

EasyScalper will take the advantage of the market in these range areas.


Simply by identifying these areas with low volatility and making Scalping Strategy on EURUSD.

The Stop Loss and Take Profit are set automatically by the system and are directly dependent on market conditions at "T time" to allow a great adaptivity.

The system setup is very simple (see screenshot)

  • Risk: Percentage of the account, in risk per order (recommended between 1 and 5%).
  • MaxSpread: Maximum spread at the time of taking the order (recommended max. 3 points).
  • Magic Number: ID of orders in the system (you can leave it by default).

For Who?

  • 5 digits brokers mandatory

It is strongly recommended to use a "tight spread" (best is ~ 3 Points on EURUSD) Broker, with the best execution as possible.

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