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Muholov MULTI Likhovidov Folding rule

This Expert Advisor is designed for mechanical (manual) trading strategies. Manual trading!

Muholov: MULTI Likhovidov Folding rule automatically finds Likhovidov Folding rule pattern on 276 trading symbols (can be changed in the external settings) and on timeframes from М1 to W1 (8 in total) displaying appropriate comments with recommendations.

Likhovidov Folding rule is a pattern consisting of three (or more) successively angle-wise segments representing support (if the price is rising) and resistance (if the price is falling). In fact, this pattern is a trend reversal signal. It allows you to enter the market at the earliest stage of the ongoing reversal.

When technical indicators are of little help, Folding rule may prove useful.

Happy Mans World
Happy Mans World 2014.12.26 17:53 

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