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Holy Trinity Volatilty

As may be known, volatility is the measure of deviation. Notably, this is not an oscillator indicator. We do not find buy or sell signals using this indicator, we simply look out for a time when there is good calmness and decide to enter the markets then or wait when the markets are all up with an active force.

Its Main Line calculation is based on the differences between the high and the low prices of the chosen 'Father Period'.

The Signal Line is based on the calculation of the (smoothed and linear weighted) moving averages of the main line.

Rowdy Markets:

  • When the Current Main Vertical Line RISES ABOVE the Signal Line, this forms an actively moving market.

Calm Markets:

  • When the Current Main Vertical Line FALLS BELOW the Signal Line, this is a calmly moving market.

Having spotted a good price movement using the Holy Trinity Prices and Peaker indicators, it is recommended to use this indicator to decide whether to launch into an actively moving market or wait for a calmer markets to surface.

Input Parameters

  • Father Period -This is the number of bars upon which the calculation of the main line is based. Chosen value determines the behavior of the indicator's main line.
  • Son Period- This number correspondingly determines how the signal line is formed. It is instrumental in generating a suitable signal line which tells of the current trend for market entry.
  • Holy Spirit- This value combines with the father Period and gives it a stable output and also is useful (in combination) to the formation of the signal line.

Enjoy Your Trading!

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Version 1.70 - 2016.12.22
Basic Upgrade. Same output - Better functionality!