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PSAR currency strength

The Parabolic SAR Indicator is controlled by the acceleration factor that is comprised of two variables: the Step (Acceleration Factor) and the Maximum Step. This indicator uses the PSAR (inbuilt) indicator and returns two strength scores (2 lines in window) - one for the base currency and other for counter currency.It combines the group of correlated (base & counter) currency pairs dynamically from the chart, as per:


When base score > counter score, means base currency is showing bullish indicator momentum and vice versa.


  • PSAR_Step - Sensitivity of the indicator.
  • PSAR_Max - Maximum movement of the Parabolic SAR Indicator as the price moves.
  • PriceType - PriceOpen,PriceHigh,PriceLow,PriceClose
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Version 160.125 2016.01.27
TypeOfScore parameter set to default of "Percent", others deprecated
Version 140.921 2014.09.26
New option in TypeOfScore parameter:
Percent - sums the difference as % of (PriceType / PSAR(step,max)) per bar for all related pairs.
Version 140.913 2014.09.17
Code re-factoring, changed parameters to enumerators.
Version 140.909 2014.09.10
Fixed situation where the symbol does not exist and ignores it in the scoring.
Version 140.908 2014.09.09
New parameter PriceType - type of price to score: Open, High, Low or Close.