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Analytical Trader Volumes

Analytical Trader Volumes plots a volumes histogram with average by session (European/American and Asian). Volumes should always be compared to an average with significance, and since for most pairs the Asian volume average is significantly different than the European/American, the volumes in each session should be compared to the respective averages.


  • Manualdgmt - false to calculate the GMT differential to server's time automatically or not. False means it calculates automatically; set to true if backtesting or if the market is closed.
  • iManualdgmt - Only used if Manualdgmt is true. Input the difference between broker's time and GMT, in hours.
  • History - Number of histogram bars to plot.
  • MAPeriod - Moving average period.

About us

Analytical Trader team is composed by a VSA trader who trades in forex, stocks and commodities since 2008 with success. He's also a graduate in Physics currently taking a Msc. in Financial Mathematics; ample experience coding in C++, Matlab and MQL4.

... And a computers engineer with experience in multiple coding languages, including MQL4.

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 08:13 

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Nesho Marinov
2015.08.18 22:08 

Great product, a must have.