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An indicator of trading sessions presented in the form of candlestick bars. In one of his books, Steve Nison describes different candlestick formations, while he often mentions the fact that the analysis of candlestick shapes is based on the results of a trading session. That is, each trading session is presented in the form of one candlestick with the open, close, high and low prices.

This indicator actually draws a candlestick chart on top of the normal one. Any technical analysis tools can be applied to the resulting chart.


In this indicator, the beginning of a new trading day is specified by a separator based on GMT "00:00". Session candlesticks are also built according to GMT.


Timeframe H1 and below.


  • NumberOfDays - the number of days to display
  • candle_bull_color - the color of the session candlestick that closes above the open price
  • candle_bear_color - the color of the session candlestick that closes below the open price
  • show_separate - true - show separator; false - hide separator
  • saparate_color - color of the separator
  • separate_style - separator line style
  • separate_width - separator line width
  • broker_offSet - the difference between the local time and the terminal time (in hours) For example: 1; -3; 5 etc.
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