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EA Hard war Bears and Bulls

The Expert Advisor uses Hard scalper and War Bears and Bulls indicators. The trend is calculated using War Bears and Bulls, while the signal accuracy is corrected by Hard scalper. The trading is performed on different timeframes from M1 to D1. Scalping, short-term or mid-term trading strategies can be applied depending on the timeframe.

If you enable martingale system, the deals are opened with Step_Orders step. TakeFulls value is decreased with Step_changes_Take_Fulls step. This allows the trading robot to cope with drawdown as quickly as possible. Martingale system is used by the trading robot only to gradually increase the deposit load and provide efficient product operation.

It is recommended that you enable several currency pairs considering the deposit of 3 000 units per one currency pair (Lots=0.1 and leverage 500:1). You can enable initial stop loss (by setting ProfitTrailing to false) and set TrailingStop. Its value can be changed from 100 to 1 000 points (all settings are 5-digit ones).

  • The Expert Advisor automatically re-invests (adds to the initial lot), while the deposit is increasing.
  • Use different currency pairs optimizing positions by volatility and spread size.


  • Timeframe_indicators - set the timeframe of some indicators. The default value is 30 minutes (from 15, 60, 240 minutes).
  • PeriodiWPR - Williams Percent Range indicator period. The default value is 18 (from 5 to 100).
  • PeriodiCCI - Commodity Channel Index indicator period. The default value is 7 (from 5 to 100).
  • Close_Anti_Signal - if True, orders are closed when the opposite signal appears. The default value is False.
  • Martingale - enable "Martingale" block. The default value is True (True - enabled, False - disabled).
  • Deposit - set the initial deposit. This is helpful when defining the reinvestment standards. The default value is 3 000 units.
  • Trade_in_fri - allow trading on Friday. The default value is True (True - allow, False - prohibit).
  • CurSymbolOnly - if True, positions of only one symbol can be averaged (if False, all positions in the terminal are averaged).
  • Loss_Orders - averaging value in case the overall result is negative. The default value is 9 000 points (from 100 to 9 000 points).
  • Take_Fulls - averaging value in case the overall result is positive. The default value is 150 points (from 10 to 9 000 points).
  • Step_changes_Take_Fulls - averaging value decreasing step, while the amount of trades is increasing. The default value is 70 points (from 0 to 100 points).
  • AllPositions - if True, all positions in the terminal can be trailed (if False, only positions of one symbol can be trailed).
  • ProfitTrailing - if True, stop loss with trailing is set only in profit (if False, the stop loss is set when making trades).
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop. The default value is 80 points (from 60 to 1 000 points).
  • TrailingStep - trailing stop step. The default value is 50 points (from 10 to 1 000 points).
  • UseSound - if True, trailing sound is enabled (if False, the sound is disabled when moving the trailing stop).
  • Multiplication_Lots - lot multiplier for martingale. The default value is 1.8 (from 1 to 10).
  • Lots - initial order's lot. The default value is 0.3 (from 0.01 to 100).
  • MaximalLot - maximum possible lot in trading. The default value is 3 (from 1 to 100).
  • TakeProfit - order's target profit. The default value is 200 points (from 100 to 9 000 points).
  • Level_Stop_Martingale - drawdown level, at which Martingale block operation is stopped. The default value is 40 (from 5 to 100).
  • Step_Orders - trade open step for martingale. The default value is 30 points (from 10 to 1 000 points).
  • Quantity_Orders - maximum possible amount of trades in case of martingale. The default value is 12 (from 0 to 100).
  • Equity_Stopping - closing trades when the equity level is exceeded. True - enabled, False - disabled.
  • Total_Equity_Risk - equity level, at which all trades are closed. The default value is 20 (from 10 to 100%).
  • Magic - order ID. The default value is 444 (select any sequence of digits).
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