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Fundamental Indicator

Fundamental Indicator can be used on all currency pairs. Its primary function is to display past and upcoming fundamental news with possible impact on the currency pair in the MetaTrader platform.

Has it ever happened to you that you opened a trade and the price suddenly dropped or climbed quickly? Perhaps you were unaware of, but it was publication of important macroeconomic news. Now you will not miss any upcoming news any more! News is clearly shown in the chart, with both line and time deduction.


  • GMT Offset – set GMT offset of your MT4 platform
  • FiltrSymbols – AUD,CAD,CHF,CNY,EUR,GBP,JPY,NZD,USD ...
  • FiltrImpact – L-low, M-middle, H-high
  • DrawLines - true/false
  • FontName - Calibri
  • FontSize - 10
  • TableCorrection - 3


  1. Download calendar at http://calendar.forex-tsd.com/calendar.php?csv=1&date=20140818&calendar[]=4, change 201408018 in the link to current date in format YYYYMMDD.
  2. Rename downloaded calendar to FileName = "calendar_2014_08_18.csv" and copy to MQL/Tester/Files (File -> Open Data Folder).
  3. Restart MetaTrader 4, open the Strategy Tester and select the required week.
  4. Start a test with Visual Mode on.
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