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Binary Options Panel

Binary Options Panel is developed for opening an option in a single click.

I believe, many binary option traders working via MetaTrader faced with price update and other issues not allowing them to buy an option at the right time. Besides, they had to re-enter necessary data after opening an option. And if there were some errors in the data, a Forex order was opened instead.

This panel solves all these issues. Besides, it is provided with the built-in check of the entered values. All you need is enter the lot volume, expiration time and press the appropriate button to buy or sell the option.

If your broker sets the maximum allowed lot size (for example $200) and you want to open an order of $300, you have to open multiple orders simultaneously. Set the maximum allowed lot size in the field "The amount of separation" during initialization, and the panel will split the total volume into several orders. In this case, it will open an order of 200$ and an order of 100$. If "The amount of separation" is set to 0, no lot splitting will be applied.

The panel is very space effective. It can be freely moved along the chart's window.

Note: The panel works only on the exchanges that support binary options trading via MetaTrader.

Brief instruction:

  1. enable autotrading in MetaTrader
  2. run Binary Options Panel on a chart
  3. during initialization specify the minimum expiry time of your broker and, if necessary, the maximum lot size
  4. enter the lot volume and expiration time
  5. press buy/sell button to buy/sell the options
Attention: The panel cannot run in the Strategy Tester. To test it before purchasing, download its free version Binary Options Panel Demo.
Евгений Игнатов
Евгений Игнатов 2015.10.21 14:40 

Рабочая система. И автор хорошо со знанием дела общается с клиентом. Рекомендую к работе.

ChFl 2015.09.10 15:17 

Excellent work and deal with its developer, recommended 100%

Version 1.4 2015.12.03
Fixed check for lot volume
Version 1.3 2015.10.20
Added support for new brokers
Version 1.2 2015.09.15
Added an option for splitting the volume into a few orders. During panel initialization, in the field 'The amount of separation' of parameters set the maximum allowed order lot size.
Version 1.1 2015.09.10
1) A bug with the shift of buttons has been fixed
2) New option allows changing the minimum expiry time