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FX Seal Panel

FX Seal Panel is a One-Click-Trading Expert Advisor which helps you to control your trading in up to 6 instruments at once.

It has three different tabs: Trades, Grids and Closes

  • Trades tab allows you to open a Buy or a Sell order with one click, setting the StopLoss and TakeProfit to a fixed number of points, or to the High/Low of the last X bars. It also allows you to Reverse the position (if you are Long you'll be Short with the same volume and vice versa), or to Close All the positions and orders on the selected instruments (panic button).
  • Grids tab allows you to open and close pending orders grids, setting the size, number of orders, the distance between them, and the StopLoss and TakeProfit.
  • Closes tab allows you to preset overall profits or losses targets, closing all the positions when the overall target is reached, or do it for each instrument separately.
Yedeki Au
Yedeki Au 2015.02.14 00:22 

Really useful, effective, profitable. Also absolutely Professional.

dogga 2014.11.26 16:41 

A great panel to use.

thoff 2014.09.05 14:44 

Great tool, I bought it after trying and I'm very happy with my purchase. 5 stars.