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Serenity is a trend-following trader and the best testing system I've ever made with visual analysis of every possible setting combination available to you in the comment section along with the .set files I selected for all 45 symbols. As you might be familiar with videos that show a system trading on a chart in the strategy tester's visual testing mode on one symbol and one combination of input settings you can expect much more from me than that! Watching the Serenity showcase video below will allow you to get an intuitive feel about the system as a whole as you witness three dimensional testing results for not just one setting and symbol but ninety-thousand setting combinations across 43 FOREX and 2 spot metal symbols (gold and silver).


  • Lot_Per_1000: This is a dynamic Lot system. The default is 0.01 meaning a $10,000 account will trade a 0.1 Lot contract and then adjust itself accordingly as the account balance changes. You should trade 10 to 30 symbols on one account as I am here on this signal trading 28 symbols: all possible combinations of EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, USD, CHF, CAD and JPY.

    *Note: I ran the optimizations with 0.1 lots by default and still, trading 10 times riskier than I recommend, there were more than enough profitable tests on every symbol to make me feel confident about using Serenity on a real account.

  • Time-Frame: for your convenience I add time-frames as optimizable inputs because it really simplifies the testing process. You're welcome!

    Start, Stop = M15, Daily (for better compatibility with the MT4 version the selectable time-frames are M15, M30, H1, H4 and Daily).

  • P: This is the indicator's look-back period in bars for the Time-Frame selected.

    Start, Step, Stop = 5, 5, 100.

  • Q: Part of a relational comparison formula. Just as price behaviors from symbol to symbol and month to month are variable, everything from the lotsize to the entry and exit strategies in Serenity are variable.

    Start, Step, Stop = 1.1, 0.1, 3.0.

The primary indicator is the Average Directional Movement Index. Serenity considers trading at the open of every one minute bar. The time-frame it observes is set from the inputs and not from the chart. This means that you can test Serenity on the M1 time-frame in the tester settings window with the "open prices only" option and get almost identical results as you would with "every tick". This greatly speeds up the testing and optimization process. When using this recommendation along with cloud agent optimization you can optimize dozens of symbols in under a couple of hours. When using cloud optimization, make sure your MT5 terminal is linked to your MQL5.community account and that you have enough money on it as cloud optimization comes with a light fee.

Many symbols have major gaps in history before 2013 so all of the optimization and example tests were from 2013.01.01 to 2014.09.01. Optimizing on older data is usually irrelevant so it is a good practice to re-optimize an EA on more recent data every few months or so.

Important: The default settings are not tailored to any specific symbol. You should not blindly test this trading robot with the default settings and then judge it quickly as that would be a silly mistake. Take the time to explore Serenity and understand her intimately. With only a few inputs to optimize it should be an easy process.

More Important: I don't sell individual robots, I sell memberships for Jeremy Scott's Traders Club. If you buy Serenity you never have to buy another system from me again because I will always give you my newest and best software for free.

Watch the video, monitor the signal, download the Serenity Analysis and .set files, and go on, get testing and trading with Serenity! Thank you :)

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