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Cerberus First

Cerberus operates around the clock. The main task is to search for corrections and reversals.

Cerberus allows you to work with ruble and dollar deposits. Minimum Deposit is $ 10, recommended $ 1000.

It can be configured for overclocking the Deposit, moderate risk and safe operation. (see screenshots)

Input parameters:

Timeframe for calculations- Cerberus calculates all entry values regardless of the selected chart period
RSI period- the RSI period
Lot multiplication- if necessary, Cerberus can open martingale trades, if the value is "2", the EA can open a maximum of 4 trades.
Profit for one order- if only one order is opened, this value is saved only for it
Average profit in points- if there are more than one orders, the averaging system works plus this value.
Time between orders in hours- the number of hours during which orders are not opened after the last order is opened.
Risk-calculation of the lot from the balance using the formula AccountEquity ()*Risk/100000.
Lot calculation from balance- when calculation is disabled, the lot size will be fixed.
Lot size when off. calculation-setting a fixed lot size.
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