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MEO robot

Operation of MEO_ROBOT

meo_robot_v1.40 opens orders based on calculations made and algorithm to choose the right direction
but sometimes it can go in another direction
therefore this EA works with hedging strategy
you can determine the starting lot and factor by which the lots should be increased and also choose SL and TP

with this expert advisor you can determine your own hedging strategy
as you want

it only opens 1 order, so that doesn't pose a risk to your account
EA can execute a maximum of 20 orders
do not use MEO_ROBOT in conjunction with other experts
time frame is 1H
this EA can be used with all pairs
Trade within the week:

Monday - If set to true, trading on Monday is allowed.
Tuesday - If set to true, Tuesday trading is allowed.
Wednesday - When set to true, trading on Wednesday is allowed.
Thursday - When set to true, trading on Thursday is allowed.
Friday - If set to true, trading on Friday is allowed.
It is not recommended to trade on Friday to avoid price differences when the market opens on Monday
Act on time:

Every_Day_Start - Operation start time (hh: mm).
Every_Day_End - End time of operation (hh: mm).

start_lot is a lottery ticket with which you start trading
factor is a value by which your lots are increased each time
TP is the take profit
SL is the stop loss
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