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This indicator is a normalized oscillator. 

0.66 Red line shows StdDev+2, and -0.66 Lime line shows StdDev-2.

About 2000 or more bars are required for this indicator because of calculation of normalization.

Input Parameters

  • VSO Period: period of VSO. 24 on default;
  • Normalize Period: period of normalization. 1000 on default;
  • VS Period: period of Variable Stop. 120 on default;
  • VS Multiplier: multiplier of Variable Stop. 3.0 on default;
  • VS Spread: It is automatically calculated at the time of less than zero, and is calculated with the value at the time of zero or more.  -1 on default; 
  • Draw Level Lines: true is display, false is non-display;
  • - Extreme Over Bought Line: Red on default;
  • - Over Bough Line: FireBrick on default;
  • - Center Line: DimGray on default;
  • - Over Sold Line: DarkGreen on default;
  • - Extreme Over Sold Line: Lime on default;
  • Indicator ID: number for identifying an indicator, 0 on default;
  • Display Indicator Bars: please set 2000~5000, this indicator draws slowly if over 5000. 3000 on default;
  • Error Message: true is display, false is non-display.
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Gennadiy Voltornist 2018.02.03 10:26 

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Daniel Andrejczuk 2017.11.09 14:55 

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Rodrigo da Silva Boa 2016.03.12 22:20 

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