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The first five copies were 100USD, and the price increased by 299USD later

This is a strategy with high degree of freedom but simple setting. Different varieties, different time periods and different running times have different effects

Only one order will be opened at a time, and there is an entry and exit strategy

In theory, it covers all varieties, all varieties can be profitable, and only need to set the correct parameters

I will give the settings that have been tested, but this is not the only better setting waiting for you to develop

Comment area # 1 parameter file

Real time signal https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/829701  MaxSpread 150

It is recommended that 300USD0.01 lots be used for all parameter files


 MaxSlippage:Maximum allowable slip point

MaxSpread:Maximum allowable spread

MaxOrder:Run the maximum ending order to prevent the black swan event from stopping and opening new orders all the time. When the set value is reached, the order will not be started again. This function only works on the varieties of the current                     chart

Fund management:Choose a FixedVolume or a variable BalanceVolume

FixedVolume:Fixed opening order value will not increase or decrease

BalanceVolume:According to your Balance (balance) and your number of hands (Volume)

 takeprofit:Take profit


stoploss:Stop loss

Distance:Distance, this parameter determines your profit distance and opening frequency. The greater the value, the greater the profit, but the number of opening positions decreases at the same time

Agile:Quick response speed, this parameter determines your closing speed and profit. The larger the value, the slower the exit speed, but the greater the profit

magic:Magic code


Start hour:Hours at which the policy started to run

Start minute:Minutes from which the policy started to run

End hour:Hours after the policy ends running

End minutes:Minutes for the policy to end running

Note:        it is recommended to use ECN account with low difference and VPS with low delay

                Past winning rates do not represent future profits

                 Good awareness of risk control is the guarantee of long-term survival

My mother tongue is not English, so use translation machine to describe it. If you can't understand it, please PM me

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