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EA Digital Smart System

*** Starting price $45 ***
*** The final price will be more than $200 ***

EA Digital Smart System - fully automatic expert Advisor that searches for entry points using the author's digital scanning system

The expert Advisor works with pending orders that can be moved to the best price, which eliminates slippage.

It has two levels of take profit, virtual (Minimal TP), which closes most of the position when reached, and real (Maximal TP), which closes the remaining part of the position

All trades are protected by stop loss levels, which can be automatic (-1 value) or set by the user

Trades can be accompanied by trailing, which is configured in the expert Advisor settings

It has a filter for trading time and protection against high spread

Recommended pairs: GBPUSD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, and other GBP pairs with a small spread of up to 10-15 pips 

Account and VPS requirements: ECN accounts with spreads from 0 pips and VPS with minimal ping to the broker

Recommended timeframe for calculations and trading: H4

If you set the recommended H4 timeframe in the settings and set the expert Advisor to a chart with a smaller timeframe, you can use it as a scalper. Trades will be opened once per bar (per candle) and depending on the value of the Max Open Orders parameter



Select Language - Select the interface language
New Cycle - Enables / Disables the expert Advisor
Max Spread - the Maximum allowed spread for trading
Start Hour - start Hour of trade
End Hour - end Hour of trade
Working TF - working timeframe for calculations
Close everything at the end of the day - Close all open trades at the end of the day regardless of profit
Allow BUY - Allow BUY orders
Allow SELL - Allow SELL orders

What Means to Use
- what tools to use for automatic calculation of trading volumes when the Use Autolot parameter is enabled
Use Autolot - Enable / Disable automatic calculation of trading volumes
Autolot Size - The amount in the Deposit currency for automatic calculation of trading volumes
Fix Lot - Fixed the amount of the order. It is used for trading a fixed volume or for automatic calculation when the Use Autolot parameter is enabled. Volume = Fix Lot * What Means to Use (for example, Balance) / Autolot Size
Minimum Lot - Minimum position volume
Maximum Lot - Maximum position volume
Minimum TP, pips - the Minimum (virtual) TP level for closing most of the position
Closing Coefficient by Min TP (if 0 = auto) - Coefficient for calculating the closed part of the position
Maximum TP, pips - Maximum TP level
Stop Loss, pips (if -1 = auto) - Stop loss. If the parameter is -1, the expert Advisor will calculate the stop loss automatically, depending on the market situation and the time frame on which it is set
Max Open Orders, one direction (-1 no limit) - the Maximum number of simultaneously opened orders in one direction. If the parameter is = -1, then no restrictions
Distance from the Price for a pending order, pips - Distance from the current price to the price of placing a pending order
Order Expiration, minutes - the lifetime of the pending order in minutes. The minimum value is 15 minutes
Moving Pending to Best Price - whether or not to Move a pending order to the best price 

Trailing only profit zone
- Follow positions with trailing only in the profit zone or in the unprofitable zone.
Trailing Stop Size, pips - the size of the trawl
Trailing Step, pips - the step of the trawl 

Show Info on the Chart - Enable / Disable displaying trade statistics on the chart
Magic Number - the Magic number used by the expert Advisor to distinguish its orders from orders opened by other expert advisors or orders opened manually

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Version 1.40 2020.09.11
1. Added the ability to connect three types of grids to the EA: Standard, Dynamic and Magic grids
To learn how to work with different grids, see the Comments section.