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Ninja Wolf Robot GM

249$ Full License for a limited time only
next price 350$

this Robot was developed in may 2019 by a neural network system after 100 million+ efforts this Robot was born and passed all stress-testes in tough conditions .

and then passed live demo test until November 2019 ,

i finally decided to put it in a real account and the performance was exactly the same like the 17 years back-test 

its live on a real account more than 10 months now!

Real Account Monitoring :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/655721

  EXTREME risk Real Account Monitoring : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/820830

--No Martingale or Grid or other dangerous methods are used--

in order to test properly

  • 1 : test only on EUR/USD
  • 2 : use only a daily time frame  (D1)
  • 3: GMT Data Time = 0
  • 4 DTS : none

i advice to test with Tick Data Suite

the Robot opens only one buy or one sell at a time ( no duplicated orders ), to lower the risk  

so the average trades per month is about 4-5 

the robot using a price action and time formula to enter the market and another formula to exit the market 

because the Robot is using a daily time-frame and no duplicated orders there is a low trading activity the average 4-5 trades per month 

you can trade with a fixed or automatic lot size 


Timeframe  :Daily.

Minimum account balance: $300.

currency : EURUSD 


GMT=0  mt4 broker OR trade copier


  • The EA is very easy to setup and use , just put your desired risk and let the system work 
  • 14 years Stress tested with 99.90% tick data using variable spread and it's on a live account for almost a year 
  • low trading activity but great performance and high income for 14 years makes thing less stressful 


MagicNumber : unique identifier for EA's orders

LongProfitTarget : Buy orders profit target

ShortProfitTarget : Sell  orders profit target

RiskLevel : the higher the number the greater risk-reward 

MaxLots : the maximum lot size allowed 

option 1:  this robot need to work on ( 0 GMT BROKER ) with your live account in one of brokers below  .

Exness : https://my.exness.com/

FOREX.COM : http://www.forex.com

option 2 : you can use a free trade copier to copy the trades from GMT 0 broker with a demo account to your live account with your preferred broker

Trade Copier Global Free


i will be super happy to setup everything for you :)


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