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Gold Invest

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BEFORE TESTING OR USING THE EA LIVE ,you must change input named "before test or live must change to 1000" , from 0 to 1000.

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EVERYDAY i will post setups for the best pairs with possible directions.

Creating a community will make the difference in FOREX.


This is an EA that has been

trained under the extreme conditions of the past months in GOLD.

I created a Trading Strategy based on a classification neural network that compares each new bar to the patterns in the training set of data. The training set is constantly updated as the oldest bar is dropped and the newest bar is added. This type of model is particularly suited to the constantly changing FOREX market.

This model compares data from the current and previous bars to all patterns in the training set to produce buy/sell signals.

You train the models to recognize an actual output value such as 1 (strong probability of buy), numbers close to 0 (hold), -1 (probability of sell).


  • 1500$ Balance
  • 15M Timeframe


  • BEFORE TEST or LIVE MUST change to 1000 : this input must ALWAYS BE AT 1000 !!!

  • Lot: Starting lot
  • Multiplier: Multiply of the lot size
  • Max Lot: The maximum lot size

    📌NEW RECOVER TRADER for auto or manual trades !!!

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