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EA Stairway to Heaven MT5

It is the twelfth Expert Advisor for a large currency portfolio.
Designed for EURUSD, Timeframe H1.


the adviser has long periods of stagnation and is recommended only for use in portfolios with other advisors!

  • Each trade is supplied with a stop loss.
  • All dangerous tactics are not applied (grids, martingale, anti-martingale - no)

Advisor features:
  • Using the so-called "fuzzy logic" in the EA.
This means (example):

Let's say the EA uses 4 indicators. If the logic is set to 70% of the use of indicators, then signals from any 3 indicators are enough for the advisor to trigger a trade.

  The Expert Advisor belongs to "GENERATION 2" . The Generation 2 Expert Advisor is a multi-advisor that includes from 3 to 4 EAs and 8-10 indicators. EAs are balanced according to the trading logic. The lots are selected so as to compensate for the drawdown of one EA with the profit of another EA.

  • A Portfolio of EAs can be assembled from Generation 2 Advisors ONLY. Such a portfolio will work fully and sufficiently.

  • Very small drawdown.
  • High Profit Factor.
  • Work on classic, time-tested indicators.
  • Resistant to slippage and spread widening.
The Expert Advisor was created for the period from 2010 to 2018.

Further testing was carried out using the Forward test to exclude the possibility of fitting the results.

All brokers are 5 digits and 4 digits.

EA Stairway to Heaven passed stability tests:
Passes checks on neighboring timeframes, on a similar currency (GBPUSD).
This is done proactively for a changing market. Sometimes EURUSD starts to behave like GBPUSD. Sometimes EURUSD on the H1 timeframe can accelerate its movements and behave as if we are looking at the M30 timeframe.

Passes Monte Carlo checks.

The EA does not guarantee profit. The EA guarantees small drawdowns and indestructibility.

An initial deposit is possible in the amount of $ 200 when working with a fixed lot = 0.01. But consider this as a game or as a test option for advisors - the so-called mini-real. Forex trading starts at least with a deposit of $ 1000 and much higher

Input parameters (Recommended not to change) :
MagicNumber = 12346 - a unique number of an open deal, automatically assigned by the advisor.

----------- Money Management - Risk Fixed% Of Balance -----------
mmRiskPercent = 1.0 / Attention, dangerous: an increase in risk (3 percent per one trade and more) increases the drawdown and is highly discouraged!
mmDecimals = 2 / "2" - if using lots of 0.01 ... 0.09. "1" - if it uses lots 0.1 ... 0.9 and higher /
mmLotsIfNoMM = 0.01

mmMaxLots = 50.0

BarsValid = 8
MoveSL2BE = 190
SL2BEAddPips = 65
ProfitTargetCoef = 11.8
StopLoss = 235
TrailingStopCoef = 1.7
TrailingActCef = 1.4

BiggestRangePeriod = 61

----------- Exit On Friday ----------- "
ExitOnFriday = false - enable / disable the EA on Friday after the specified time under the FridayExitTime heading
FridayExitTime = "20:40" - time of closing an open order and turning off the advisor until Monday.

----------- Limit Time Range -----------
LimitTimeRange = false - limit the working time of the advisor (usually needed to optimize the advisor)
SignalTimeRangeFrom = "08:00" - start the Expert Advisor (works only with LimitTimeRange
= true)
SignalTimeRangeTo = "16:00" - end the work of the advisor (works only when LimitTimeRange = true)

ExitAtEndOfRange = false - exits the EA (if "true")
MaxTradesPerDay = 0 - limit the number of trades per day (0 - no limit)
OpenBarDelay = 0 - open bar delay in minutes
(it can be used for Daily strategies to trigger trading a few minutes later -
because brokers sometimes have technical delay after midnight and we have to postpone order execution)

Be sure to use only free funds in Forex.
Remember:if there was a profit in the past, it does not mean that there will be profit in the future!
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