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Just Indicator FREE

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This free version is limited in time.

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The indicator creates a panel and a table showing data from the indicators built into the MetaTrader for all pairs fixed in the Market Watch window.

The indicator independently restores the parameters that you entered earlier in the cells.

There are currently five modes:

  • ATR: shows standard ATR indicator data - in points;
  • MA: shows the difference between MA and the selected price (in this case - Close, Picture 1) - in points;
  • MACD: shows the data of the MACD indicator, an unshaded bar determines the position of the signal line - in points;
  • RSI: shows standard RSI indicator data, it is possible to set overbought and oversold levels - in percent (data from the indicator);
  • Stoch: shows the data of the Stochastic Oscilator indicator, overbought and oversold levels + signal line position - in percent (data from the indicator).
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    Parsing Pictures 1:

    • Orange: the mode  is selected here;
    • Red: the parameters of the selected indicator are set in this area - as in standard use;
    • Violet: bar of interest  - 0 = current, 1 = previous, etc .;
    • Blue: currency pairs sorted on the basis of data (in descending order), this area is also active when you click on a pair, the chart goes to the selected one.

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