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Trade Watchful

Can't you obey money management rules?

Want to have a partner to control your trades?

Here it is...

"Trade Watchful" is a simple and useful EA that helps you to follow money and risk management rules. You set your rules as inputs and run the expert. When you want to open a position you just set prices and then it calculates the correct volume (according to your rules) and opens the order... . This EA also checks other rules that you set in inputs tab (like risk/reward ratio) .

Just this? 

No... It provides a very convenient way to order (besides numerical price entering). Putting order buy lines! No matter it's an instance order a limit or stop. You just determine buy or sell and let expert place your order. (much easier and faster than traditional way)  When you put 2 lines means it's an instance order and when 3 lines EA figures out it's a pending order and according to current market price it understands to put limit or stop.

More details in screenshots...

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