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BoostedFx Strategy

Hi BoostedFx here, In this indicator you will see a clear view of the trend and proper GOALS, TAKE PROFIT Points, proper STOP LOSSES area. You will see where the Buyer's area is and sellers area and with the indicator it will give you an ideal entry price. Along side with it there's a trading volume to help you get how much in % of bears and bulls is in the current moving market. To all who will get into this indicator will have a weekly webinar with me 1on1 or group webinar depends on the time for you to be able to get the full grasp of the indicator on how to trade with it and how to analyze with it. We have a Telegram channel for the subscribers and owners. If who ever buy and rent this product contact me directly for the community group and personal mentoring.

It works in Crypto especially BTC
US30 SPX500 NAS100

and all FX pairs.

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