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Executive EA

This trend EA works in AUDCAD, CADCHF, EURUSD and USDCHF. Time frame is M30. Unlike other EA:

  1. This EA is real, tested, proven system; it’s not a scalping tester graal.
  2. Works with any MetaTrader 5 broker.
  3. Low drawdown.
  4. Not sensitive to market noses, spikes, surges, slippage and execution speed.
  5. Has a few simple parameters which make it easy to use for beginners and well experienced traders.
  6. Very stable, because it has a few parameters with very narrow range optimization takes up to 1 hour without using clouds and up to 2 min using clouds.
  7. For maximum performance each pair has its own settings.
  8. Very active for trend system, makes 20-25 trades per month.
  9. In case of losing power, Internet connection or computer crash nothing dramatical will happen and user will have enough time to fix problem.

I wouldn’t recommend using the same settings for more than 3 month and recommend checking settings every week or every other week for period of previous 3 months. Every Monday I will publish current settings regardless they are unchanged or adjusted.       

The optimal Risk Lot is 8-10%. If you would like to use different Risk Lot please contact me for settings adjustment.

The best period of time for back testing and optimization is last 3 months. If your back test for last 3 months shows for each pair profit less than 80% and drawdown more than 10% you are doing something wrong, please contact me.

Live monitoring is available at https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/49514

Ask me questions in English or Russian.

Take advantage of introductory price.

2014.09.04 09:32 

This system is amazing. Never seen anything even close to it. Works exactly as described: low drawdown, huge profit, active, very safe, simple to use. Support 24/7. Extremely happy. Michael provides real time monitoring which is solid proof it’s real. Highly recommend.

Roman Farkas
2014.08.25 23:46 

Iam running this EA on real account 2 weeks he made around 20 pct and till now without any big problems also if i need something to help Michael response is almost online