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The Edge Expert Advisor has implemented all the best trading algorithms from scalping and pipsing: filtering trades using the Gann and Elder methods from different time intervals when trading price momentum patterns from the instrument's minute charts. The Edge Expert System works with 5-digit quotes. The bot is very easy to operate, you don't need to configure anything, set it up and work. The overwhelming majority of participants in the forex currency market are unacceptable "boring" trading and want to get an active system for working on forex. Our new stock expert, Edge, has become the solution to this very problem.

Here, the classic and generally accepted methods of managing orders of scalping Expert Advisors have been discarded. You will not come across a thoughtless martingale in the Edge bot, which will average trades to unconsciousness until it loses your deposit (familiar, isn't it?). It uses hard (fixed!) Stop orders and you can clearly see their work on the testing chart, do not increase the lot after a losing trade - it always remains unchanged. And most importantly - a unique insurance formula for each order!

In the description of this Expert Advisor there will be no promises in excess of profitability or trading without losses. This robot makes about a lot of trades monthly and filters out each of them using powerful analytical tools, but it is impossible to open many trades a year and still not get a single losing day. If you do not agree with this, do not buy this advisor in any case.

  • TypeFilling - set the order execution policy.
  • Risk - calculate the lot from the deposit.
  • Lot - lot size for entering the market.
  • TP - desired take profit (adjusted by an Expert Advisor).
  • SL - desired stop loss (adjusted by an Expert Advisor).
  • SpreadLimit - the maximum allowable spread at which you can still enter the market.
  • My Stops Level - set your Stop Level.
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