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NewWorld MT4

✅Automatic trading system with a high degree of accuracy predicts market movement within a short period of time based on the study of the formed price patterns.

✅Trade expert uses a unique system of tracking open positions, which allows, in case of an unsuccessful entry, to reduce losses to a minimum value.

✅Advisor has flexible settings. Fully ready for automated trading.

✅ It is recommended to use a remote server (VPS) for smooth operation.

🔎 Recommended trading instruments (TF 5m): GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCAD, EURJPY, GBPJPY, USDJPY.


The procedure for installing a trading expert:

  1. Open 6 charts of recommended trading instruments;
  2. Switch timeframes on all charts to 5 minute timeframe;
  3. Install an Expert Advisor on each chart and allow it to trade;
  4. Check if Auto Trading is allowed in your terminal.
  5. We recommend using a remote server (VPS) with low ping.


  • Trend sensitivity - Sensitivity of trend detection;
  • This LOT: - This trading lot will be for each amount of funds (field below);
  • For each of this amount (if> 0) - For this amount of funds (if there is 0, the lot will be as indicated in the field above - "This LOT:");
  • MaxLot - You can limit the maximum lot;
  • Maximum number of orders - The number of simultaneously open orders;
  • Step (if MaxTrades> 1) - Step between orders;
  • Lot increase ratio (if MaxTrades> 1) - Multiplication coefficient of each subsequent order;
  • Width factor - The coefficient for calculating the width of the price channel;
  • Number of bars - The number of candles to build the price channel;
  • Trading areas (extreme or midway) - From what levels of the channel to trade (external or internal);
  • Show lines - show the channel on the chart;
  • Color up / down lines - Color of the lines of the external channel;
  • Middle lines - The color of the lines of the inner channel;
  • Lines width - line thickness;
  • Ray line - Ray;
  • Take Profit - Take Profit;
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss;
  • Trailing Stop - Trailing Stop;
  • Trailing step - Trailing stop step;
  • Use the adviser's working time? - Use of working time;
  • The hour of commencement of trade - the hour of commencement of trading;
  • Minute of commencement of trade - Minute of commencement of trade;
  • Hour of the end of trade - Hour of the end of trade;
  • Minute of the end of trade - Minute of the end of trade;
  • Comment to order - Comment on orders;
  • Slippage - Slippage;
  • Max Spread - maximum spread;
  • Magic Number - Magic number;
  • Show logo? - Showing the logo on the chart;
  • Show info-text? - Display information text;
  • Text size - Text size;
  • Text color - Text color.

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