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Forecaster DEMO

This is the demo version of the Forecaster EA which uses in his work a probability prediction system based on the operation of neural networks. The only limitation of the demo-version is Order size = 0.01 lots. The robot contains neural networks learned for trading on currency pairs: EURUSD, NZDJPY, AUDCAD, GBPCHF. Recommended timeframe is M30. Configuring EA is not necessary - you can use it with default settings.

List of the EA parameters:

  • Symbol list - the list of currency pairs;
  • Symbol name prefix - prefix of symbol name;
  • Symbol name suffix - suffix of symbol name;
  • Max orders by symbol - maximum quantity of orders for each currency pair;
  • AutoLot type - order size calculation method;
  • Lots / Deposit % / Max risk % - Order size in lots or deposit % or maximum one order drawdown as a deposit % (depending on AutoLot type);
  • Take profit - take profit value;
  • Stop loss - stop loss value;
  • Trailing stop - trailing stop value;
  • Max spread - maximum allowable spread;
  • Show dashboard - show / hide dashboard;
  • Dashboard font size - font size for dashboard;
  • Comment string - comment string for orders;
  • Magic - magic number for orders.

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