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Moving Average with MT Strategy - S


It is the same concept of my first EA program(Moving Average with MT Strategy). 

This is designed for initial deposit of 1000 USD and more simple to use. 

This EA is based on Moving Average and Martingale strategy. 

It is only tested in gold market so far. 

**Since it uses Martingale strategy, it could be have a bigger drawdown**

---------------Martket info----- -----------

Item content
Trading pair AUXUSD
Timeframe M15
Account Balance  1000 USD

----------parameters setting-----------------

Parameter Default Description 
GivenLots 0.02 Order lots 
StopLoss true auto stop loss
StopLoss_upper -50 maximum loss  
StopLoss_Lower -10 minimum loss
AlertNotification true alert when going to TP or SL
DashboardDispaly true display data 

AlertNotificaiton is to notify you when going to profit taken or loss stop. 

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