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Easy Robot Plus


Easy Robot Plus - 100% algorithmic stable and safe trading robot,further development of my originally free MT4 code base lightweight trading robot named 'Easy Robot'. This paid version been loaded with more futures and better accuracy. Driven by signals generated from bar formations and moving average indicator. Menu settings to use for optimization guided by start/stop/step range.

What this version equipped with versus the free code base version

  • Dynamic position sizing - ❌ Free code base robot does not have this
  • Spread filter Free code base robot does not have this
  • Extended and improved signal module Free code base robot does not have this
  • Error checking alerts ❌  Free code base robot does not have this
  • Weekday and time management -  ❌  Free code base robot does not have this
  • Adjustable ATR Free code base robot does not have this

Works on any account and leverage - Make sure you have enough funds,check margin against leverage

Minimum deposit using a leverage 1:400-1:500 / $200

Trade EurUsd H1 charts with default settings - May works on others as well (not tested)

MT5 version you find HERE


    It's fast,easy and not complicated at all. First,check all settings that have the range guide attached to it and set them up. Start optimization and do it the fast way on 'Control points' the first run or the slow more precise way 'Every tick'. Select desired set found and finally test it with 'Every tick'. Default settings short term optimized on year 2020

    Adviser settings

    • General settings - Auto chart comments,spread filter,slippage,magic number and order string comments
    • Error checking alert - Screen popup and notification
    • Weekday/time management - Trading hours and what weekdays to trade on
    • Risk assessment - Dynamic position sizing or fixed lots
    • Order settings - ATR time frame and period,TP/SL factors
    • Moving average settings - MA time frame,mode,period and shift
    • Trailing stop settings - Start and step in pips


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    Version 1.1 2020.08.15
    This version;
    1: A tiny pointer bug fix