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Fundamental Analyzer

Every trader needs reports of risk flows and the strongest and weakest currency during the day. This robot is a fundamental market analyst that informs you at any time about the state of risk aversion or risk appetite and changes in the dollar index. It also instantly displays the strongest and weakest currencies to trade on the board. This expert also shows the amount of market movement that is a criterion for starting the trend and entering. Suitable for people who trade in sessions on a daily basis, scalpers and people who need to combine daily fundamental status with their technical analysis. This robot can send reports to your phone with notification service up to 4 times a day and is in Expert format.

 in 4 steps:

Risk flow Analysis of the Whole Market: Risk appetite flows weaken JPY currency (usually in USD and CHF) and strengthen AUD,NZD (usually in EUR,GBP,CAD). Risk aversion strengthens the safe value of the JPY currency (usually in USD and CHF)) and weakens AUD,NZD (usually in EUR,GBP,CAD). Usually, if there is a risky flow, the correlation between the safe group (JPY,USD,CHF) and the unsafe group (AUD,NZD,CAD,GBP,EUR) is increased. But when should you enter into a deal?

Liquidity entry into the market: It is the market driving engine that causes significant changes in price, which is the best time for trading. This criterion is shown both for the whole day and for 4 hours on the board with the number. But to which currency pair?

economic calendar and news: The best indicator in detecting changes caused by a calendar or news for a currency is its price. Which strengthens or weakens it compared to other currencies. You can instantly see the strongest currency and the weakest currency and enter the best currency pair that has a good trend.

Description of the report board

Line 1: In part D1, the strongest currency of the day was placed on the left side and the weakest currency of the day was placed on the right side. 7 and -7 indicate the amount of power. 7 is the highest value. Numbers less than 7 indicate less power. In H4, the strongest 4-hour currency is on the left and the weakest 4-hour currency is on the right. The 4-hour report is more important than Daily.

Line 2-Line 3-Line 4: Shows the risk flow in the three time frames of H4, Daily and Weekly. Positive numbers are a sign of risk appetite, negative numbers are a sign of risk aversion, and zero is a sign of a lack of risk or no risk flow. The larger the numbers, the stronger the risk flow. It also has 4 types, which are 2X <2XM <3X <3XM, respectively.

Line 4: Indicates changes in the dollar index in three time frames of Weekly, Daily and 4 hours. If the H4 index is not marked with risk flow at a certain time, for example, the market has a match, which means that both the JPY and USD are weakening or strengthening at the same time

Line 5: In the TotalD1, you will see the numerical value of the total market movement during the day. The higher this value, the stronger the daily trend. In the TotalH4 , you can see the amount of movement of the whole market in 4-hour time frame, which is very important and one of the main indicators of entering the market, and its value should be more than 4000.

In the “market” section, three modes can be printed. The first case of "dissimilar” means that JPY trend is not in line with the USD and the market interest rate does not have a strong risk flow. The second case is the “bullish match”, meaning that the yen and the dollar are weakening at the same time, there is a flow of risk in all financial markets, and the pairs with the counter of USD or JPY are rising. The third is the “bearish match”, meaning that the JPY and USD are strengthening at the same time, there is a risk aversion throughout the financial markets, and pairs with the counter of USD or JPY are falling.


Send notification to the default phone Yes

Hours send notification by default


How to use

First you have to open all 28 main and cross charts and click on all the time forms in each chart to load all the histories. Then just attach the expert over just one chart to display the entire market report. Because this expert is multi-currency and needs to process the data of all 28 main and sub charts at the same time, the test on a currency pair will not work correctly. To better test, you can first rent, test, and then cancel.

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