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Close Orders At Specific Hour

NB: This EA will not work if you do not have  existing trade positions. Positions are to be placed manually and the EA will then make a follow up of time until trades are closed. 

Order Close At Specific Hours is specifically for traders who prefer manual trading. However, during manual trading a trader may prefer to close their position after 2 hours or at the open of the Asian Markets or at the close of New York Session.

The problem arises when the trader sometimes forgets to close the position or they are not watching the market. This is where _Order Close At Specific Hour_ comes in. You will place the order manually and upload this EA on your chart. 

The EA will keep checking the time and your trades will be closed  when the specified time is met.

Order Close At Specific Hours Settings

This EA is not complex, you only have to input one parameter on the EA dashboard.  The "LastHour" input is where you will set the time you wish your trades to be closed.

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