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Trend Pro Breakout Edge EA MT5

The Expert Advisor trades according to the signals of the custom indicators PipFinite Trend PRO and PipFinite Breakout EDGE or according to the standard trend indicator. To work with PipFinite indicators, you need to buy these indicators. The Expert Advisor sets TP at TP1 and TP2 levels, it can close a position when a trend reversals, the ability to open order grids is built in. As well as simple setup, work on time, and sending all types of notifications.

Important information: 

In order to use the Expert Advisor with PipFinite indicators, select the required indicator in the " Use PipFinite Indicator " variable

To use the Expert Advisor in the " PipFinite Breakout EDGE " mode, you must purchase the " PipFinite Breakout EDGE " indicator

To use the Expert Advisor in the " PipFinite Trend PRO " mode, you must purchase the " PipFinite Trend PRO " indicator

No active indicator licenses   PipFinite   the advisor will work only in the " Use PipFinite Indicator " = " Not use " mode

Setting procedure: 

  1. You need to select an indicator to work in a variable   "Use PipFinite Indicator"
  2. You need to select the StopLoss mode in the variable   "StopLoss Mode"
  3. You need to select the TakeProfit mode in the variable   "TakeProfit Mode"
  4. You need to adjust the selected indicator in accordance with the settings that suit you based on the instructions for the indicator or your understanding
  5. If necessary, you can configure additional options, such as work on time, Spread Limit, or work with grids
MT4 -   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/51730

Input settings:


  • Use PipFinite Indicator   - Selecting the indicator for operation (IN THIS VARIABLE, IT IS NECESSARY TO SELECT THE INDICATOR FOR WORK)
  • Order lots   - Order volume to open
  • Enable Autolot calculation   - Use automatic lot calculation. This function allows you to save the risk settings when changing the deposit
  • Autolot deposit per 0.01 lots   - The amount of the deposit for every 0.01 when using an autolot
  • Success Rate   - Success rating for opening an order. If the indicator is less than you specify, the advisor will not open an order


  • TakeProfit Mode   - Choosing a take profit strategy:
    • Close position on TP1   - Close the entire position when reaching TP1
    • Close position on TP2   - Close the entire position when reaching TP2
    • Close half on TP1 and half on TP2   - Close 50% of the position when TP1 is reached and another 50% at TP2
  • Target Factor TakeProfit   - Target factor for TakeProfit (PipFinite indicators)
  • StopLoss Mode   - Choosing a StopLoss strategy
    • Exit on opposite signal -   Exit on trend reversal or opposite signal
    • Use Fixed StopLoss   - Use a fixed StopLoss for every order
    • Without StopLoss   - Do not use stop loss
  • StopLoss in Points (if used)   - Fixed StopLoss for each individual order


  • Use grids   - Use opening grids
  • Take Profit Grids   - The size of the Take Profit for the entire basket of orders is calculated from the breakeven level
  • Step between orders   - The variable that regulates the step between orders is measured in points
  • Multiplier   - Multiplier for orders. Each subsequent order opened by the advisor in the order grid will be larger than the previous one by a given coefficient
  • Orders Number Limit   - Maximum number of orders in the basket


  • Orders Magic number -   Magic number of advisor orders
  • Comments for orders   - Commentary on advisor orders
  • Slippage Limit   - Maximum permissible slippage in points
  • Spread Limit   - The maximum allowable spread for opening orders

TREND PRO SETTINGS - Section for setting the BREAKOUT EDGE indicator if used for operation.

  • Period for multitimeframe filter (TrendPRO)
  • Location of TrendPRO file
  • Period
  • Maximum History Bars

BREAKOUT EDGE SETTINGS - Section for setting the BREAKOUT EDGE indicator, if used for work.

  • Location of BreakoutEDGE file
  • Period
  • Range Filter
  • Maximum History Bars

NOTIFICATIONS SETTINGS - Section for setting notifications about closing orders

  • Send push notifications when close orders
  • Send mails when close orders
  • Send alerts when close orders

WORKING TIME SETTINGS - Settings section about starting and ending the advisor's work

  • Work on time
  • Start time
  • End time

Please note the need for a separate purchase of indicators   Pipipinite   work in modes of working with them

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GOZAN GOZAN 2020.07.29 09:25 

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Version 4.10 2020.09.15
Fixed a typo in the input settings, in the name of the indicators.
Version 4.0 2020.09.11
Optimization of the code, now the EA works faster.
Improvement of input settings.
Added averaging.
Added work on time.
Added notifications.
Version 2.10 2020.07.20
bugs fixed
Version 2.0 2020.07.19
Added indicator filters