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Economic Calendar News Trader

Grabbing economic calendar from the professional Forex site. Showing economic events as a background of MetaTrader terminal, placing an order when an event occurs.

Especially, this EA not only trades direct currency pairs, but also all related crossing pairs at the same time. Before using this EA, please make sure you know what an economic calendar is, and really understand the concept of news trading, method and risk.


  1. Add URL http://www.dailyfx.com/files/ to the list of allowed URLs in the Expert Advisors tab of the Options window.
  2. Attach the EA to any frequently updated symbol chart, "EURUSD" is strongly recommended.
  3. If you want to send an event notification by email, please fill correct email setting in MetaTrader terminal.


  • EA_NAME - name of the EA.
  • MagicNumber - magic number.
  • ShowCalendar - when true, the calendar is displayed as the background. It is a notification switch also.
  • MaxShowEvents - max rows to display on page.
  • EventExpiredInMinutes - show event expiration in minutes.
  • FontSize - font size.
  • Font - font name.
  • X_Offset - distance from the left.
  • Y_Offset - distance from the top.
  • RowStep - row step.
  • NotifyBeforeEventInMinutes - send notification before an event occurs, in minutes.
  • HighEventAlert - Alerthigh event.
  • MediumEventAlert - Alertmedium event.
  • LowEventAlert - Alertlow event.
  • AlertSoundFile - sound file for alert.
  • HighEventEmail - send email for high event.
  • MediumEventEmail - send email for medium event.
  • LowEventEmail - send email for low event.
  • TradeAllowedCurrencies - symbol must contain these currencies.
  • TradeOnlyDirectPairs - true = direct pairs (contains USD) only; false = all pairs including crossing ones.
  • TradeOnlyIfContainKeywords - must contain specific filtering keywords in an event description. Multi keywords splitted by comma.
  • TradeImportanceHigh - trade high event.
  • TradeImportanceMedium - trade medium event.
  • TradeImportanceLow - trade low event.
  • StartOffsetBetweenEventInSeconds - start trade before or after an event occurs. For exmaple: 15 or -30.
  • FollowPriceDirection - follow price direction of real time (current PERIOD_M1 bar).
  • TradeDurationInMinutes - trading duration time in minutes. After that, stop placing new orders and delete all expired pending orders.
  • AllowInstantBUY - allow instant buy.
  • AllowInstantSELL - allow instant sell.
  • AllowBUYSTOP - allow BUY STOP pending order.
  • AllowSELLSTOP - allow SELL STOP pending order.
  • AllowBUYLIMIT - allow BUY LIMIT pending order. If FollowPriceDirection is true, BUY LIMIT orders are not placed.
  • AllowSELLLIMIT - allow SELL LIMIT pending order. If FollowPriceDirection is true, BUY LIMIT orders are not placed.
  • MaxPendOrderRangeInPercent - place a pending order between the current price and current price*MaxPendOrderRangeInPercent/100.
  • MinOrderStepInPercent - no duplicated same direction orders between the steps.
  • LotsDiminishing - diminishing lots of an order (farther is smaller).
  • StopLossInPercent - Stop Loss in percent.
  • TakeProfitInPercent - Take Profit in percent.
  • TradeMarginInPercent - max margin of free margin.
  • MaxSpreadCostPerLot - max amount of spread cost per lot of symbol.
  • SymbolSuffix - if your broker provides symbols with suffixes, like "EURUSDm", "EURUSDk", "EURUSD.ecn", "EURUSD.pro", etc., fill these suffixes "m", "k“, ".ecn", ".pro" here.
  • ShowOrderStatistic - show detailed order statistics of the account.
  • SlippageInPips - max allowable slippage for an instant order.
  • MaxOrderLots - max allowable lots (volume) for an order.
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Version 1.10 - 2014.07.17
Minor bug fixed.