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ID Numbers of bars for MT5

An indicator for determining the numbers of bars on the chart or selecting a specified number of bars using the number histogram. In addition, it can automatically display the date, time, Open, High, Low and Close of the bar with the selected static or dynamic number and highlight it by drawing a vertical line.

Values of Open, High, Low and Close are displayed with rounding up to required decimal place.

Its operation principles are similar to the ID Numbers of bars indicator for МТ4 in many instances.

Consequently, ID Numbers of bars for MT5 offers several ways for selecting the required bars and combining them: automatic change of the histogram color after a specified number, limit on the number of the histogram columns, the vertical line on the desired bar.

It is useful when you need to:

  • Determine the number of a bar and/or get information on a particular bar. In particular, highlight it on the chart with a static or dynamic number. For example, for a trade analysis, for an indicator, Expert Advisor or script.
  • Visually highlight the required number of bars. For example, if the strategies and tactics take into account the periods that can be set as a number of bars.
  • Check or adjust the correctness of the indicators, scripts and Expert Advisors if their functions use calculations on the basis of specific bars.
  • See number of brs on the chart in a rapid manner.

When specifying numbers of bars, remember that the current bar (the first one on the right of the chart) has a zero number in the trading terminal.

How to use ID Numbers of bars for MT5

The indicator is very easy to use. Try it, and you will see it. The indicator is managed via its intuitive control panel on the chart.

This control panel is called using a button in the indicator subwindow. To save space on the chart, you can attach other indicators in the subwindow of this analyzer.

I will give a brief description of methods to display of information on the required bar and static or dynamic bar numbers:

I. Ways to set the display of information on the required bar

  1. Move the indicator vertical line to the necessary bar.
  2. Or change date and/or time in features of the indicator vertical line.
  3. Or enter a number of a bar you are looking for in "The vertical line on the bar" line in the indicator control panel.

If necessary, you can add horizontal levels on the histogram in the Levels tab of the indicator properties. For example, when you want to highlight bars with numbers greater than and/or less than a specific number.

II. Choosing to Display a Static or Dynamic Bar Number

If you set "Dynamic number of bar" to "Yes", then with the appearance of new bars the vertical line on a selected bar will move to the left together with the bar. Only the number of the bar will change (increase) in the information displayed by the indicator. Other details will not change.

If you set "Dynamic number of bar" to "No", the color of the vertical line will change and it will stay at the number of the bar that you have specified, not moving to the left with the appearance of new bars. The indicator will update information on the date, time and price, depending on the bars that appear at the selected position.

Note: when applying the indicator on the char, please note that the colors originally specified in the color properties are used for a light background.
If necessary, change the colors.

This indicator does not work in the strategy tester yet, as the strategy tester for MT5 cannot work with graphical objects used in this indicator.

If the indicator vertical line is on the zero bar, the indicator table displays only bar number, its date, time of opening and Open price.

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